Credit for operations – with request rate and instant confirmation

What do you expect from your loan for operations ? A low-interest modern employee loan?

A special loan for medical costs? A loan solution for self-employed and freelancers?

Use authentic information about your credit decision. We present different offers that might suit you.

Credit for operations – more deals than expected

Credit for operations - more deals than expected

For individually tailored loan for operations, borrowers lead versatile ways. Most patients finance their private operating costs by a “freely usable”, non-earmarked installment loan from a bank.

Credit for operations – now with immediate approval

Both from the house bank, a direct bank, via intermediaries or from private financing of the operating costs can be made. Another financing option suggests usually the doctor.

The practice must be connected to a financing association. Within the network, a specialist provider will invoice all medical services and any implants directly to the lender.

Credit for medical needs is earmarked. It can be used from the beauty surgery to the dental bill.

Purpose limitation and specialization mean that patients with a weaker credit rating hope for easier credit approval. However, this hope deceives. In the credit check, credit for operations as a special loan is a standard bank loan.

The credit check must be positive. Every lending must be considered secure in accordance with legal requirements.

Credit tip – online loan without personal consultation

Cheap installment loan from the net comes without personal consultation. Credit is applied for operations as a loan without earmarking.

Waiting times for appointments as well as any embarrassing inquiries about the use of credit, borrowers are spared the online loan.

Bank credit – online or branch?

Bank credit - online or branch?

Surgical costs, which are to be borne privately, covers the Leistungsungskatalog of the health insurance companies not or only partially. The vernacular refers to such procedures often as cosmetic surgery.

The beauty business has been growing for years. Nevertheless, many borrowers are embarrassed to “come out” in personal credit.

They shy away from the way to the branch to avoid conceivable “gossip”. In addition, the interest rates for loan offers in the store are often higher than the same provider an on-line loan request.

Both signs argue for taking the desired credit for operations online. It is recommended not to go directly to the side of a particular bank.

Applying for free credit comparison calculator an identical loan could be forgiven for special interest. In credit comparisons, many providers draw attention to themselves through special promotions at the reduced interest rate, always linked to the application from the comparison calculator. Cheap online loan is competing against many similar or same loan offerings within the comparison.

Nobody should give away the chance of reducing the financing costs, any special conditions.

Credit advice – finance low interest rates, quickly dispose of the money

Fast application for the fast online loan, often even faster than in the branch, is ensured by application for the videoident as well as the largely automated credit check. Within about half an hour, the loan application can be legally binding.

The software immediately initiates the credit check. The fastest current online loan can be available even about 48 hours after application on the account.

Special loan for the OP – presented briefly

Special loan for the OP - presented briefly

From day-to-day patient discussions, surgeons know the concerns of their patients about financing the procedure. Providing a loan for surgery at the same time relieves the strain on patients and at the same time assures the doctor of the on-time payment for his services.

The patient sends the loan application by post. The billing of the services provided will then be done directly.

At first glance, a win-win situation for the doctor through payment security and for patients through the convenient direct billing. Nevertheless, not everything that seems convenient is cheap at the same time.

The attending physician can not care about the interest costs, he always earns the same remuneration, no matter who pays the bill. However, the credit comparison of the financing costs is very interesting from the patient’s point of view.

Finance 5000 USD operating loan – credit comparison

Finance 5000 USD operating loan - credit comparison

Whether special loan, credit of the house bank or direct bank loan, the borrowed money is always worth the same. Therefore, from the patient’s point of view, it is only interesting which loan is the most cost-effective financing for operations.

For this purpose, we compare the financing of a special provider’s $ 5,000 net loan, 48 months in duration, with the same loan for the credit-independent fixed interest rate from the credit comparison. The installment calculator of the special offerer shows thereby for 5.000 USD credit (according to PAngV) 9.90 per cent effective annual interest.

Repayable loan would be paid in 48 equal monthly installments of 127 USD per month. In total, borrowers pay $ 5,000 for $ 5,000 net loan.

This corresponds to a pure financing cost share of 1096 USD. In the free online credit comparison, the EDF offers 5000 USD net loan – without purpose limitation – at the effective annual interest rate of 3.49 percent.

In 48 equal monthly installments borrowers pay $ 5,358.55 back for $ 5,000 net loan. This results in pure financing costs for the loan for operations of the EDF of 358.55 USD.

Conclusion: credit comparison special loan versus online loan

Incidentally, the EDF loan decides on the credit comparison at two levels. On the one hand, the application can be made virtually paperless online.

The special loan is only to be requested in writing by post. Credit applications of the EDF are thus faster and more convenient.

Clear statements on profitability meet the financing costs. Borrowers finance their 5,000 credit for operations on the EDF significantly cheaper.

You save 737.45 USD interest costs.

Credit for the operating costs – weaker credit rating

Credit for the operating costs - weaker credit rating

It is not always possible to obtain bank credit on a weak credit rating. Each credit institution is required to check the creditworthiness.

Only if the credit check results in a loan without significant credit risks, the provider may grant the authorization. (Legal duty to give only secure credit).

A way out of difficult decisions offers additional collateral. Credit for operations, despite bad or weak creditworthiness of a bank remains possible if a solvent second borrower takes over the loan.

With credit requests of self-employed persons, the proof of creditworthiness through an income certificate is often the problem. A valuable security or guarantor could solve the problem.

Private loan for the OP

Private loan for the OP

With much simpler requirements for proof of credit, the lending could be done privately. The reputable infrastructure for arranging loans from private investors, for example, provides Smava and Auxmoney.

Both portals enjoy an impeccable reputation. Both income from self-employment and salary from dependent employment are recognized.

Private investors do not need to follow any legal framework when deciding who “to whom” they are lending. A loan for private operations is still possible even if banks have already rejected the request.

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