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The credit cards are available in different versions. Not every card has a “real” credit limit. This means that not every credit card can be partially paid. The classic credit cards are an excellent thing. The reason is the credit line (or draw facility).

Credit card limit

Credit card limit

The payment methods are different. Not every credit card has a “real” credit limit. So not every credit card can be partially paid. If it is a loyalty card, it will be paid each month and withheld from your bank account in a total amount. For installment payments, a customer card can not be used and no debit interest due to mont.

The credit line can only be used until cleared.

The credit line can only be used until cleared.

However, if your credit card has a real credit limit, it is a revolving credit card, and the term credit card is also common. For this purpose, a monthly statement is generated. Often this partial payment can also be switched off so that the credit card can be used like a customer card.

The revolving card is a credit card with a “real” credit line due to the possibility of partial payment. However, with some cards, the invoice amount is not due for payment immediately upon receipt of the payment and you will receive another interest-free deadline, which may be up to four additional calendar weeks. For a debit card, however, the payment amount will be deducted directly from the bank account.

Therefore, this credit card is often not referred to as a credit card. Bank card is also a EC or Maestro card. A credit line is not available for this purpose. But it can also be used all over the world. Even with a prepaid credit card, there is no credit limit, the credit card will be charged with an amount by bank transfer and can then be used like any other credit card.

However, the invoice amount for this credit card will be deducted directly from your credit card account. It can not be used without first charging the credit card, eg by bank transfer. The credit limit by credit card depends on your workload. The better the credit limit the house bank has provided you, the better the credit rating.

With bad creditworthiness or negative credit bureau entry, a prepaid credit card is a good choice as it does not require a credit check because there is no credit limit. A credit line is usually between 2,000 and 5,000 USD.

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